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Focused on Your Well BE-ing

At the Root of It All...

We are energy, and are meant to have energy flow freely through us.  However in modern culture, our energy can become blocked by repetitive patterns, stress, and injuries.  Instead of moving, and creating new communication in the body to support proper alignment in the body, we are stagnant.


We become stuck in routine, stuck in fears, stuck in sadness, and become paralyzed to move at all.

A NeWellness Guide is support for another person to help them find their P.A.L...their POWER, their AUTHENTICITY, their (self-)LOVE.  This is done by moving into, and through, the stuck energy that keeps us in unhealthy and destructive feelings.

Mindful Movement

Breathe and Move for Health and Well-BEing. It is that simple.

"Believe you can and you're halfway there"

Theodore Roosevelt

Meet Your Guide

Paul Newell

Paul is a Change Agent who works with individuals, leaders, businesses and communities. His career has been about helping others achieve their best.  He has conducted workshops, taught classes, and has hosted events to promote wise lifestyle habits and changes to overcome preventable diseases. 


Paul founded Balanced Wellness as a way to educate himself and others on the best ways to take care of their body, mind and soul to heal themselves. He is a member of the Mankind Project, a non-profit helping men discover and live personal missions of service in the world.  He also is an Educator for Yoga Teacher Programs in New Jersey.

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